Easter Island (2020)
The Spring Event was all about eggsploring a faraway island filled with eggs and many new Pokémon to encounter! Give the entire island an eggsamination, you may find some secrets...

So join in on the fun. Wake up at the crack of dawn, get your eggspresso and begin your eggventure! The earlier, the better! But don't eggshaust yourself! Take breaks when needed. Lay off eggs for a while! But if you're competitive, then by all means go all the way.

That's all yolks! We hope you will have eggstra fun with this event!

1st Place:
Arthzalcotl, with 3333 points!
2nd Place:
Cultist, with 3011 points!
3rd Place:
Vylir, with 2929 points!