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Javjy6Lets goooo team onlycans
NyraKytefind the safe tiles to stand. the can be the pits as well. good luck
Iglutrial and error
Elijahhavinndoes anyone know how to beat the trial 2 safe spaces
MxDemeanorTeam Onlycans
Javjy6who's with me?
Javjy6time to create Team cans
MxDemeanorits 3am should I go to sleep (hop on until I pass out) or keep on the shiny grind
Javjy6i want my shiny anemone
Javjy6curse you mr beast
PeelMr Beast is sabotaging our Pokequests!
ChrosMr Beast and Team Seas removed all the waste from the oceans of Kanto
Javjy6polute for my quest
Javjy6yes please
PeelTime to throw some plastic bags into it?
Javjy6this sea is so clean god dammi
Javjy6i just want trash
Javjy6aaaaaa i dont want pearls
PeelAnd you get that from the rocket hideout in cerulean
PeelYou need to get the Silph Scope, to venture up the tower in Lavender Town
RitualImpIn the hub
Whopper223guys how do i get the flute
Vanny2024Ohh that,I remember that when that happened
RitualImpYou can fish up shiny magicarp or no?
PeelIf it was like, super popular, they might think, people are rather playing that, instead of buying their games which would mean, they loose money. That would probably mean the end of it
CORNZILAAwhen they struck down every poke game on roblox
CORNZILAAgetting flashbacks to the roblox apokelypse
PeelIt always depends if Nintendo deems it as worth the time and money to invest, to strike it down. If Nintendo doesn't loose anything in their eyes, they probably won't do much
Vanny2024I think if they don't get or make money from it,it is save
CORNZILAAdo they have any backup plans or anything? or are we all just kinda waiting for nintendo to find out ab it and strike it down and play as much as we can before then
PeelIt might be at some point. Always depends on popularity
CaladbolgI mean... its been around for a bit I think? at this point it should be saf
CORNZILAAhow is this game not gonna get copyrighted?
PeelI see!
MajiNxxWhen u become champion u Can cut those trees
garfeiddoes it autosave
PeelHuh...on the way to erika...there's like...a row of cuttable trees there. But I cant approach them. There's invisible wall?
MxDemeanorFavourite reigon tbh
MxDemeanorCenntennial Reigon is where you catch 100 different types of pokemon for a special reward and to unlock the gyms and the elite four of the reigon
Raff97anyone trade shiny? dm me
Donjaatei need your opinion, should i travel to rica or harsholme?
CORNZILAAwhats centenial region
MxDemeanorProbably for the best
PrimalAnd centenial region wont ever have global pc I think
PrimalRica only needs 2nd gym beaten
MxDemeanorAnd not on all reigons
Javjy6beat the region
PrimalDepends on region
MxDemeanorAnd you only get it after completing reigons
CORNZILAAhow i get that
MxDemeanorYou need the global PC for that
CORNZILAAhow do i transfer pokemon between regions
RitualImpEven mid battle
PrimalAnd its a very reliable autosave
MoogeThank you!
CORNZILAAthis game autosaves right?
Whopper223guys on to the 4th gym
Peel@Mooge its a bug from what I've heard. Refresh can fix it maybe
MxDemeanorBut it is done
MxDemeanorMost of them were busy doing things
MoogeI can't move. Is there something I'm missing
MxDemeanorOkay everyone exept roughknight has been smile emoted at
DTheChampionKanto red version
CORNZILAAwhat region can i find a growlithe in
MxDemeanorRoughknight get down here so I can smile emote at you
RitualImpI love simnple having all your pokemon out behind you is but i love it so so much
Javjy6plase trash gods, bless me with good rng
ViralMagnumTyphlo ★what have you done jext? what did i miss?
ViralMagnumTyphlo ★it is my birthday?
MxDemeanorguys should I go around smile emoting at everyone with no explanation
αJext ★waiting