Harsholme (03sibvqy)
Custom MonsYes
StatusIn Progress
Off the western coastline of Lonava lies the island of Harsholme, home to several unique Mon species and a small selection of residents. Harsholme is known for its expansive heathlands and protected coastlines. Passing vessels rely on the island’s Northern and Southern Sea Beacons to help navigate the Lonavan Channel, and many tourists flock to the island in the summer months, taking the local ferry, the MS Harsholme, from the mainland.

Harsholme's inhabitants are looked after by the island's caretaker, Lund Marc. Famous for his kind personality, Lund isn't afraid to risk everything to help someone in need (much to the chagrin of his wife)! But when the lightbulb in the Northern Sea Beacon starts to wane and flicker for unknown reasons, he needs a second set of hands to help out!
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