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PlayerJoined 10 months ago
Hi all dos someone Know where i can change the région in rétro kanto ? I miss click on this and nos im blocked there.

PlayerJoined 1 year ago
It's one of the NPCs in any Pokémon Center, I can't check because I don't have a Retro Kanto save. :V But I know they're in there somewhere!

Chat-moderating GuideJoined 4 years ago
It's the trade lady next to nurse joy, as for other regions/map, Rica (sailor), summer island (clown), Easter island (the lady in blue in the square), neo sinnoh (probs also trade lady)

PlayerJoined 3 months ago
Yeah uh retro Kanto took my articuno, moltres and my Zapdos

AdministratorJoined 8 years ago
What do you mean by that? They disappeared from your boxes?

PlayerJoined 1 month ago
SpoilerHow does the code puzzle work at pallet town 0...1...5 but the 0 button is no where