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What is Pokéngine?
Pokéngine is a browser-based, free-to-play monster-collecting MMORPG and game creation engine. It consists of many Regions created by members of our community. Whether you want to explore the many Regions or create your own for others to play, Pokéngine is an experience unlike anything else!

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Collections and Mons
Pokéngine hosts the largest database of Fakemon ('Mons') on the Internet. These are showcased in user-created Collections. Many of these Mons can be obtained in Regions within the game!

Game Creation
In addition to the MMO, Pokéngine contains robust tools that allow you to design, build, and code your very own Region right inside your web browser using our custom language, JCoad.
Certain tools like the Tilefuser are available to all users.
Other tools such as Mapbuilder are available to approved Developers. If you are interested in building your own Collection or Region, you can review the requirements and apply to be a Dev here!

Pokéngine has a user-created Fandom Wiki that contains guides, walkthroughs, and much more.

Pokéngine Fandom Wiki

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