What is Pokéngine?
Pokéngine is a browser-based (at the moment only made with Google Chrome in mind) Pokémon MMO where you can explore new regions with your friends. Developers looking to put together their own region can use the Pokéngine engine to do so! Currently, you start the game in a fan-made region called Atlas, which includes 400 new Pokémon.

What are the default controls?

z - interact
x - cancel/run
c - jump
arrow keys - move
esc - settings

Why isn't my game working? Black screen!
Certain Chrome extensions are known to cause trouble. To fix this, either add to the extension's whitelist (if it has one) or run the web version in incognito mode.

My game is running really slow. How do I speed it up?
This might have to do with hardware acceleration. If you're using Chrome, navigate to chrome://flags and look for "accelerated 2D canvas," then click "enable" or "disable," whatever works best for you. After that, simply relaunch the browser and see if there's a difference.

I dislike my trainer skin... can I have another one?
Trainer skins are obtained by completing quests in-game.

When does this Pokémon evolve?
There's a public Pokédex on the main website. Go to it and find the Pokémon you're looking for; it has all its information. Do mind some Pokédexes are set to private.

Why do only certain people get teleporting abilities? No fair!
Becoming a telep/mod/admin/dev is a privilege rewarded to players who contribute to the MMO and help out often. If you want to be promoted, you can do things such as sprite, make music, help new players, or contribute ideas. You can only become a developer if you are programming for the MMO.

This map is really dark! What can I do to make it brighter?
These maps require a glowing Pokémon.

I'm stuck in a weird map and I don't know where to go! Help!
If you're stuck in a strange map with no exits, simply contact a staff member (player with &, @, or § in front of their name) and ask them to teleport you back to a working map. Only use this when there are absolutely NO exits, not just when you need to get somewhere quick.


How do I change my status?
Type /status Training! like a normal message.

How do I do that "* person did a thing" thing?
Type /me did a thing like a normal message.

How do I join another channel?
Type /join #channel like a normal message.

How do I send a private message?
Find who you want to send the message to in the chat, or the online list at the top, and click their name. This will open up a new chat window. They won't see anything until you say something.


Can I help out?
It depends! What do you have to offer? Can you code? Sprite? Map? Anything useful? Pokéngine always has things to do! Just volunteer yourself and you're sure to start helping soon!


Can't find your particular question?
Simply ask a Moderator, Administrator, or Developer in-game, or on the forums. Your question will be answered in no time, and may even be put in here!