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PlayerJoined 1 year ago
Welcome to the Project Ardina Forum, Where you can make ideas burst out for me (In other words im doing a little test to see if anybody good at one thing on this very place right here to see if we dont really need discord workers bursting out of the door saying "Go 2 our offical pokengine discord to bring more designers in.)

Its been 2 weeks and i done some stuff like fakemon design, Tilesets, Gym leaders and so on. so whats the region based on you ask? Well i made a fakemon called Stoopafly and the second town's called Blauw Town, so its based on the brilliant region of the Netherlands with some Upgrades added to it as well as the proffessor being called Wattle (Australian plant, not dutch) Region's rival's your friend down the road and the evil team's are Corrupted Firefighters using Water,Fire,Poison & Dark types to use to Take over the world! [jext if you're seeing this, dont block this forum, instead keep it as its a test to see if anyone online can work together!]

Anyway to begin.... Can somebody make a starting town theme, wild battle theme, lab theme, Pokecenter theme, Route 1's theme, Rival encounter and battle theme, and Blauw Town's theme? thanks!

Chat-moderating GuideJoined 3 years ago
Hello, TonyDex. No, we never recruit artists/designers.

They are free to join in the discord and post their work there and here, however.

PlayerJoined 1 year ago
Ok nevermind, i'll just be doing it by myself then. (Plays the sonic eraser theme at max volume)

PlayerJoined 1 year ago
I might as well reveal the rival,

Meet your friendly next door Rival, "Yuunarii"
Yuunarii's Personality is happy and energetic, she has Black hair with a short bobcut and wears a warm yet cozy jacket with a white shirt gray pants and brown and velvet shoes. She picked her starter before you so she gets the upper hand at beating you with the starter that's strong against yours.

You'll meet her when you come into blauw town for the first time Coming out of a nearby pokecenter, She notices you and says...

"Hey pal, how's it going? I guess you came out of the Beginners forest! well that's great and all but it seems your pokemon dont feel right for a battle from me just yet... Oh i know lets go in the pokecenter and heal up and battle eh pal?" You and Yuunarii do just that. and her ideal signiture fakemon is a Water type but she doesnt mind if you chose that?

I'll tell you when i make the sprites (Might gonna take days but its worth it)

Developing AntichristJoined 1 decade ago
Go 2 our offical pokengine discord to bring more designers in.

PlayerJoined 1 year ago
Well at least the first gym leader's going to be a Grass type using Lady with the badge being a tulip.

PlayerJoined 1 year ago
Jext, i desieded to start anew and change the region its based on to New orleans. and im going to do the region and dex, On my own also Ardina is still ardina, the stoopafly consept is kept.