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Control Tutorial

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Z - Interact
X - Run/Cancel
C - Jump
F3 - Mute/unmute music and sfx
F5 - Refresh in-game
F4 - Screenshot feature (a screenshot is automatically copied to your clipboard, ready to be pasted)
F6 - Full size mode, press back to go back to the normal mode.
1-9 - item shortcut keys, right click an item to bind to one of these keys. You can change them to be any key you'd like in settings.
Esc - Settings
Space - Menu for F6 mode/same for normal mode.

Click on a Pokémon to view its summary.
Click and hold to arrange party order.
Right click or drag onto the game screen to let it out of their Pokéball / switch mid-battle.
Right click to nickname or dex entry.

Item usage:
Right click on an item or drag onto the game screen.

Widget usage:
Right click on a widget to close/open.
Hold right click on a widget to drag them around.

/help - will give you the available commands you can use.

:insertemotename: (e.g. :pensive:)
:dex_insertmonname: (e.g. :dex_pikachu:)
:trainer_inserttrainername: (e.g. :trainer_azria:)

More will be added if there's any additional functions.Edited 4 months ago by @kyledove.