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Pls help, Im trying to get in, but it kicks me out because im running an outdated version. how do i update?

Chat-moderating GuideJoined 2 years ago
First, I wanna ask. Is the laptop/pc you are using are yours? If it is. Check the browser you use, search at google how. "how to clear cache in *the name of the browser you use*?".

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How do i get my starters from the rica regionEdited 1 week ago by coolgamer6712.

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It's pretty simple actually, just go north from the starting dock to the professor's lab. The lab attendant will give you the choice of a starter and her aide will give you some Poke Balls.
You can't progress further until you receive your starter, so it's hard to miss!

Also, if you go to the upper-left of the lab, there are some NPCs that let you set a custom Rica skin on your in-game avatar. :)