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PlayerJoined 1 year ago
Hi all,
I know that this is a relatively new account and this thread will probably go pretty much unnoticed, but I have a proposition to make. Although I only recently made an account, I have been an avid visitor to this site for a very long time (I remember the day that Watuber was added to the background of the site). As such, I wanted to try to do something to give back, leading to a draft of a pokedex. Its pretty large, at around 185 individual fakemon including regional variants and ultra beasts, and consists of lot of ideas drawn from invertebrate biology as well as mythology and history. The as-of-yet unnamed region would be based on Italy, and I have already come up with the dex order. this brings me to my next bit, I am terrible at both spriting and drawing, and as such, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in spriting the region. I am happy to allow anyone who is interested the opportunity and all that I ask is that I receive some credit, but I honestly don't really care. I mainly just want to give back and share some ideas that I've had forever. I will say that the region might be kind of difficult because I tend to be inspired by obscure things, but I'd be happy to sketch out ideas and provide background information. I know this is a huge block of text (sorry, this is just how I learned to write). Anyways, thank you for considering this! :)

Administrating CycloneJoined 7 years ago
Hello! Are you part of our discord yet? People are always designing fakemon there so maybe you could suggest your concepts when people need ideas?

PlayerJoined 1 year ago
Hi! I am not, I will consider it!

Developing AntichristJoined 1 decade ago
You'll be able to request a dex soon!

PlayerJoined 1 year ago
Thank you!