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(WIP)Lanista Region

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001.Shinx -->@Lvl15-->002.Luxio -->@Lvl35-->003.Luxray

004.Spheal -->@Lvl16-->005.Sealeo -->@Lvl36-->006.Walrein

007.Trapinch -->@Lvl14-->008.Vibrava -->@Lvl34-->009.Flygon

Base Stat changes to go along with making these starter pokemon:
Shinx+27BST New BST:45/65/44/40/44/52
Sealeo-40BST New BST:80/60/60/75/60/35

Map Showcase
Tranquilla Town

Route 1

Lionfish Village

Route 2

Cicada City

*All things here are subject to change*

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We would like you to update this as you continue to provide more details. Provide more map examples, preferably a complete town or city. Indoor maps are a bonus. Also give us ideas and themes of your region/plot. We must know that you are fully dedicated and committed to creating a full region on this engine. :)