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PlayerJoined 2 years ago
Granted, but it's only for gen 1 mons

I wish for gen 9 games to be as good as BW

PlayerJoined 2 months ago
wish Granted but no new Z-moves, megas, or gigantimax.

I wish someone leaked DPPT remakes

PlayerJoined 9 months ago
Wish granted, but everything shown in the leak ended up scrapped.

I wish Gen 9 would come with 150+ new Pokémon

PlayerJoined 2 years ago
Wish granted, but they're all Charizard with different colors

I wish for the next Pokémon games to not cost a kidney

PlayerJoined 2 months ago
Wish granted, but the games will not have a national dex either and will sell it to you as dlc that costs more than the game itself.

I wish Ash could get back his Pidgeot.

PlayerJoined 1 year ago
WISH GRANTED: It is unconfirmed so far if ash will get pidgeot back.

I wish that i want to learn how to sprite