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I can help with sprites and maybe tiles.

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Salutations, I am gouchua: a guy with atleast more than 3 years of spriting experience.
I am already planning to resign myself off of pokemon/fakmon spriting because majority of the fakemon community that I've been accustomed to is pretty much gone,inactive, or dead.
I still feel like I have to do something and leave some sort of legacy before I can really say goodbye to my spriting days.
So for the time being, I decided to join here and maybe be of assistance to those who are in need of help.
In case you were wondering what I can do, I am capable of spriting in B/W Spriting style and I can potentially go slightly bigger. I can also do Hi-Res sprites but normally I don't do the latter because they are very difficult to do. I am also capable of making back sprites although I prefer the front sprites as back sprites are a nightmare to do in all honesty. It's like spriting backwards literally. FYI majority of these are outdated and I can sprite better now due to better understanding of art principles and fundamentals. TLDR: I can sprite front, back, Hi-res sprites of fakemon/pokemon and I prefer fronts since they are easier. And yeah mot are oudated except for the Chespin sprite.
Here are examples:

Although I have a specific set of conditions:
1. I may need to change a part of the fakemon design but of course I will personally ask for your consent on the manner. I can't improve the quality of spriting if the design is lacking something to back it up. (btw I'm not calling your design ugly or anything. I'm merely suggesting some changes that may improve its overall design so pls don't kill me. ^^;)
2. One person can only ask for 1-3 sprites at a time. After you got yours, you'll have to get back in line if ever there is one. If not, I guess you can comeback over and over and over. Just don't spam the entire fakedex that needs a lot of sprites because psychologically speaking, it can easily overwhelm and pressure me so please take it slow but consistent.
3. I can also edit and improve and existing sprite to make it better if ever you have one.
4.Just leave a message if ever you are in need of assistance. I can't promise that I will be active but I'll do my best! :)
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Man! Why didn't you make them public on your DA? And did you join the official Pokéngine discord server? We are more active there.

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SpoilerBecome my best friend, we'll sprite together. (no homo.)

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Well I have other plans for my dA Gallery.
I'm converting to digital art apparently.
And yes, I have joined the discord server.
Majority of the fakemon community is sadly dead and I wanted to move on. But before I do, I want to revive the feeling I had regarding sprites and fakemon.
And this is all that is left of fakemon's golden age which is why I joined here to help and leave some legacy atleast. :P

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As for best friend, I'd probably need to get to know you more first and start as acquaintances.