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Bug: Saving social media's urls [Resolved]

PlayerJoined 3 years ago

After saving, the link become like this:

And if you try to edit, the link become like this:

Might want to check the other two as well. Did you parse the url or something?Edited 2 years ago by Arthzalcotl.

PlayerJoined 2 years ago
I think, you only need to put the username in there.

PlayerJoined 3 years ago
I see. I thought it is for inputting the links. Thanks for clearing that up. I have tried it.

@Jext: Might want to say that somewhere on the profile edit page though.

Developing AntichristJoined 1 decade ago

PlayerJoined 2 years ago
Man this sight is so cool

PlayerJoined 3 years ago
@Mrchezzit4: Please don't spam my thread as I have flagged it as resolved. Unless you have something related that is beneficial to share. Which your post didn't.

@Jext or any mods/adms: May I ask for thread lock, please? Thanks. o/Edited 2 years ago by Arthzalcotl.