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Arthy's Suggestion

PlayerJoined 3 years ago
Coz' I hav' sum.

Forum related:
- Please add BBcode guide for the forum post. Or maybe turn it into Rich Text Editor. Not everyone have knowledge to BBcode, or even know it in the first place if they are new to forums.
- Please flag or close the suggestion thread if the suggestion(s) has(ve) been approved and adopted, or declined, to avoid duplicates. Since our community is still small, perhaps the former method is better.

Pokengine related:
- Please add nickname feature so we can change our displayed names to something else. Of course, ToS 2 and 3 apply.

Forum related:
- Maybe add a/some Forum Moderator(s) so it's not always Jext the One Man Army who will handle things.

That's all for now. Thanks for the hard work.Edited 2 years ago by Arthzalcotl.

Developing AntichristJoined 1 decade ago
Just coded the ability to lock threads. I agree with the BBCode and nickname suggestions. And it's not just me. Mods, Admins and Devs can all moderate the forums.Edited 2 years ago by ┬žJext.