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Beta Testing?

PlayerJoined 6 months ago
Hello, and first let me apologize because I do not really know what to do. I read a lot of different posts, but I am just confused as how I can play the game. Thank you for clearing this up in advance, I really appreciate it, the game looks amazing!

PlayerJoined 7 months ago
You should check this out: Before asking, please read: Beta Testing Questions
and I'd suggest you to join the Discord: 6 months ago by Ethlic.

PlayerJoined 6 months ago
Ok thank you for clearing that up, unfortunately I do not think I can join the discord. Is that a recruitment for testing? Otherwise, I just be patient and I’ll eventually be able to play?

PlayerJoined 7 months ago
Nah, it's fine. You can be active here and wait for the beta to be public while enjoying things on the site. There are also minigames in Shop option, currently only one works.

Playing BabyJoined 8 months ago
i remember when i got this beta....

PlayerJoined 6 months ago
Ok sounds good. I think I’ll upload some of my Fakemon designs at some point. Any idea when the beta could become public?

PlayerJoined 7 months ago
20 years. ;)

Just kidding, the reply from Jext will be: "Soon."Edited 6 months ago by Ethlic.

Developing AntichristJoined 1 decade ago

PlayerJoined 7 months ago
Jext! Lmao!

Chat-moderating GuideJoined 11 months ago
Or tomorrow but nah.

Playing BabyJoined 8 months ago
jext i remember u said it would be out on Christmas lol

Please go check my post on questions jext. u used to play online last year with me everyday! u were the guy that had the camera!!! why dont u remember me?

PlayerJoined 2 months ago
can i get a invite too i hear this game is good i want to be a beta tester

PlayerJoined 10 months ago
@Dero2006: Read this, you heathen.

PlayerJoined 11 months ago
Um ok so I think I've brought this up at the discord server but I'm asking again... ( If I even asked then) I use mobile to play but I can't. I can only see a small part of the map and 8 can't even see my own character. Can't even do anything apart from typing in the chat

Also I'm sorry if it's too longEdited 2 months ago by REALcoolelmir.

PlayerJoined 1 month ago
Hello! ????