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Kyle's suggestions

Administrating SunshineJoined 7 years ago
I'm just gonna use this to keep track of my suggestions;

- Be able to "deactivate" pokemon similar to dA and it goes into like a storage dex and keeps all the stats and info. This would be useful for removing pokemon that you might to re-add later. Or maybe if you're auctioning a mon and you just want to store it.
- A third tab on pokemon "artwork" where we can upload artwork (and trainers too now I think about it).

AdministratorJoined 6 years ago
I would like the "artwork" section to be just in the Imagery tab. The area for artwork would not appear in the imagery tab initially. Instead, it would pop up as soon as you upload an artwork to the imagery section. By making the artwork optional, there is not a massive amount of empty sections for the many Fakemon that will never have artworks.