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Certified Pokédexes

Administrating SunshineJoined 5 years ago
If a Pokédex has been certified then it's showcased as the best of the best!

This can be due to a combination of different factors:
- It has many Pokémon and the majority have front sprites
- It is being regularly updated
- It features really high quality

To get your Pokédex certified, try to meet these criteria.

PlayerJoined 9 months ago
Hi! i have a question: how can i get my own pokedex?

PlayerJoined 1 year ago

Read this

PlayerJoined 7 months ago
If I may ask, I would like to help sprite a few fakemon sprites to help complete the incomplete fakedexes so is there something I can help with?Edited 7 months ago by gouchua.

PlayerJoined 7 months ago
How could I make a pokedex, help?

PlayerJoined 11 months ago
Mah Babu! Here: 7 months ago by Ethlic.