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Before asking, please read: Beta Testing Questions.

Chat-moderating GuideJoined 1 year ago
Usually, when people just newly registered they gonna ask:
1. Can I do beta-testing?
2. Can I play the game?
3. When is the game released?

We have rules pasted but well, it seems hard to be seen so...

You can play the game or beta-test but:
1. Be patient: A lot of people wanna do it, but there's process. You need to be active in the chat and raise that rank you need to earn the player rank.
2. Being active by: post gameplays or chat about things or contribute art, anything you can do or want to do.
3. No pestering: don't say why or whatever, the result you get is pretty much ignored or saying soon or whatever but it is not gonna happen. Plus, pestering does not speed up the progress more to, you stressing up people who worked hard on this engine, game, mmo.
4. You are not allowed: to be a jerk, yes, last time there one person spamming around just being a jerk. Without. Any. Reason. Just try and what you get is a kick plus ip banned if worst.
5. Game is in beta-test process: and it take very long time to be done, there's lot's of regions and stuff that needs to be done, it ain't gonna finish like a Sonic go speedy, no. Plus beta-test does not really mean you gonna play always for fun, playing is okay. But the point is we are going to find bugs and glitches giving information so it can be fixed. Well, if you asked about being released, the probabilty is, no. But you can still play anyways.

Anymore questions that I can found, I will try to answer what I know.

So before you just gonna click that discord link and just gonna ask the same question as before, take the time to read this at least.

Koizumi's off.


P.S: Extra thing, when you are new and in the server, please introduce yourself at #introduction and state your username of here, there. So the admins and mods can easily see who's and who's.

Extra news(can be blank or not): Join the discord and the mods and admins in charge can give you pre-player rank.

And please ask politely.Edited 4 months ago by ~Koizumi_Koharu.

Playing BabyJoined 1 year ago
I have a question..... What does the desktop version of this game have that the web version dosent? jext or whoever made the front page said there is a difference in between the two.

Chat-moderating GuideJoined 1 year ago
Ah, I don't have that information, I'm afraid.

Oh no, I am a playing guide resons cause i liked to help. XD

AdministratorJoined 6 years ago
The desktop version isn't ready yet, but I believe you'll download various assets with that (including sound, maps, and sprites) so it would improve loading times if you have slow internet. But there's no ETA for the desktop version.

PlayerJoined 11 months ago
I have a question: How can i contribute with a pokedex? or How can i show you my pokedex?

Chat-moderating GuideJoined 1 year ago
@Luperem Ya want to have a dex here or just wanna show it?

If ya just wanna show it just post it at Show-off, showing your dex creation.

If ya want to have a dex here please read Guides at Kyledove's thread.

Anymore question?

PlayerJoined 11 months ago
hi i'm luperem (i forgot my password account LOL), thanks @koizumi_Koharu!!

Chat-moderating GuideJoined 1 year ago
Ya welcome~

Playing BabyJoined 1 year ago
hey i had access to beta 3 months ago and now i dont and i cant play.... is there a reason and can i get it back?

Chat-moderating GuideJoined 1 year ago
Dubdadude the beta is closed and on it's way to reopening. So of course it cannot be played.

Playing BabyJoined 1 year ago

Chat-moderating GuideJoined 1 year ago
Ya welcome.

PlayerJoined 1 month ago
how do I become active in the chat and post gameplays and stuff?