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Think you want to make your own Pokedex? READ THIS THREAD!

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NOTE: We will not be accepting new dex and region requests at this time. We're currently revising these requirements. Once we are accepting again, you will be able to submit requests through a form on-site!

The new requirements will be stricter. Essentially, everyone wants to design their own region, but you will only be granted a dex/region if you already have something ready to add to the experience of the Pokengine MMO. That might be a significant number of fakemon sprited (fronts as well as back sprites and icons), enough maps to include an hour or more of gameplay, or some combination of sprites and maps.


* Must have been a member for at least 2 weeks
* Must have some sprites to be added to the dex such as the starters, or other early-game Pokemon (The more examples you have of your sprites/designs, the better!)
* Must have stat examples
* Provide at least one of the following or proof that you can make them or have someone making them for you:
-- A map, already made in Tilefuser
-- Maps made externally (link on DeviantART, etc)
-- Music for your game
-- A detailed story plot, gym designs, etc

Remember, you're making a GAME, not a show dex. Prove that you're actually making a game here.

A dex can be done by multiple people. If you sprite but can't stat, it's ok if you recruit a statter to do that for you, but you need to prove that your team can make each aspect of the game.

NOTE: You must have full permission to use all content in your dex and game! This includes tilesets, music, designs, and sprites. Splicing or recoloring someone's art without permission is still stealing! Edited 7 months ago by @Fuzzy.

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i'm the head developer of pokemon Light and i would like to request a Dex
* been a member for more than 2 weeks
* We have plenty of sprites
* most of the mons if not all have stats already
* proof of the game:
-- some map examples and other:
--the game's showcase thread for more info:

team: Thelightsword, Ursus, FeralGator, Stabbler, Nick4000, Dervilacus,

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Question, what if we designed Pokemon but did not have the ability to make a game? Could someone add the Pokemon to their game? What would be the best way to go about doing this?

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My Interregional Pokedex is planned to be precisely for your question. Members who have their own Fakemon they wish to add to the game without creating an entire Pokedex and region can submit them to be added to the Interregional Pokedex. Of course, there are some requirements for submitted Fakemon; these requirements will be handled in due time.

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Thank you very much for your kind reply! I really have many ideas but one in particular... Well I will be sure to look out for those to come out!

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Would like to request a dex. I've been a member for two weeks.

Examples of my sprites.

This is a link to the stats I've planned.

This is a link to one of the songs I've composed for the game.

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Updated the OP!

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Ok even though these rules are out of date and gone sour poubaly i like to request a pokedex.
ive got the requirements.
A few sprites.
A few maps
Some story
Gym ideas
Some wild battle music from Luc of truewind.
And i may slap some stats on 2 of my pokemon that are sprited so far
Drowse's Stats
Lvl1 7atk 12hp 5def 6spatk 4spdef 14acc & 15spd
Lavbotol's Stats
Lvl1 9atk 15hp 7def 8spatk 6apdef 15acc & 19spd
Im so sorry.. i just had to.
Also i have the new extra rules.
-The base of the region
-The evil team and what they are based on
-The gym leaders and what are they based on and what are their genders
-Legendaries that fit just right into the story.Edited 4 months ago by Macho-Mocha.

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And im not fine.
Jeez mate why did i do this?
Just add those rules i made... i hope they are easy to notice.

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Okay, so. Where is your:
1. Example of work(s)? (maps, sprites, sounds, musics, etc.)
2. Story?

And hope you don't mind me being blunt, but:
1. No one cares what a region based of. You can based it on poop, on candy, on lollipop, on real continent or island. What important is, you got a map for your pokes. Of course you are free to describe from what you based them from.
2. A story may or may not need an antagonist team. Or heck, it doesn't need to be a team. You could make it so the player needs to fight last boss on first encounter. Satan, for example. Or maybe all of the encounters are mid boss level. What important is, you got a plot, and that's what your story for. And to repeat, no one cares what they are based of. And to repeat again, Of course you are free to describe from what you based them from.
3. Gym leaders are part of the story. Your story could use them, or exclude them entirely. And to repeat again, no one cares what they are based of, or even their gender. You are free to describe from what you are based of and their gender. You could station an AI, a tree, a gender confused person, a round smooth rock, to be a gym leader. Heck, they are all tiles, I bet you could station a simple dirt road as a gym leader.
4. A region may or may not have legendary pokes. And to repeat again, no one cares if they fit or not in the story. You could make them fit, or you could not. You could say, you have a legendary pure rock type pokemon, in underwater region. Hell, that doesn't sound fit at all? Oh, but it is. How do you think a rock type pokemon able to survive in underwater? Well, it's a legendary.

All the rules you proposed are simply elements that make your story interesting, not something you MUST have.

TL;DR; Cook up something exciting and interesting so the OP(original poster, if you don't get that) is interested in your application. And then we can have additional region to play at. Because, who doesn't like moar regions? Especially if they are interesting to explore.
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