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Salvex Region >_>

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No one even checks this place but time to flex uwu

Based on Yeehaw Land. (Texas)
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Starters are:

Liznik the Cacti Lizard

Arsnek the Torch Snake

and Bubllet the Water Gun Crab

God I'm so unoriginal

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Wow that's big but also Grass starters sans the final stage Edited 7 months ago by Benito.

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Regarding locations, the planned ones for the early game are:

Asterblum Town: based on ???
(The start of your journey, with friendly neighbors. Mom isn't gonna be happy...)

Mesquite's Lab: based on ???
(A rackety lab full of taxidermied Pokemon and the residence of Professor Mesquite.)

Route 1: based on a park and creek near me
(Next to a park, the air is fresh and trees plentiful. It is perfect for bike rides.)

Route 2: based on a blueberry farm I went to as a kid
(This route cuts through a berry farm housing many hardy farmers raring for a battle.)

FREE ROAM-Pequin Prairie: based on the Blackland Prairie
(A sunkissed grassland full of lively wild Pokemon. Climb steep hills and view tranquil lakes.)Edited 7 months ago by Benito.