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Thanks, now we've done that we can get down to business. Truth is, you've actually come to Pokéngine at precisely the wrong time. Currently our only two developers are hard at work trying to upgrade the game, and until the upgrade is fully out, which means the beta access is currently closed.In case you're not exactly sure what that means YOU CANNOT CURRENTLY PLAY THE GAME. Sorry for shouting, but I don't think anybody here really likes telling everybody that they can't play right now. To be honest with you, we don't currently have a planned release date, but if you just click HERE and enter your email, we can contact you as soon as beta access is available and you can jump straight into the game! Thanks for your patience, we can't wait for you to be able to battle and play with us and other Pokémon fans around the world!
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Follow the progress (or lack thereof) of my region by clicking here

Thank you for posting this! I made it "official". Message to all prospective beta'ers: I'll personally only accept requests made in this thread. Don't spam.

Would there be a way to "star" this post and keep it at the top, so it's not covered by all the other random junk put in the same section.

How about we just keep bumping it? :P

Either option would work :)
Although I think it'd be good if you could star it; so it's always at the top!

Soo, can i be a beta tester? I'm 17 years old, Brazilian, the first word i say on my life was "Pikachu" (according to my grandmother).
I already make a pokemon hack room, but i dont release it, (and someone stole my notebook with the files...) now I'm trying to make a Pokemon MMO in html5, but if i be a beta tester from your game, i'll stop make my own.

I know, i dont speak english very well, but probally you can understand me. (I dont use google translator, becuse it is a big shit)

And another thing, anyone here have contact with WesleyFG ? He could be a good help for you. (develop, test, make sprites, maps, history, etc)

I made you a beta'er, sorry for not saying it explicitly! WesleyFG is already a member.

Also you can't change your avatar yourself yet, but if you post the image and ask Jext to change it, he could do it for you.

Wow.. thanks!! I'll drawn an avatar, then were i can post the image? I made an account in devianART yesterday, soo can i post the image in my page?
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I would edit your other post to include the link. Just put it somewhere Jext can easily see it.

I'd love to become a beta tester as well.

Also, I would like to say that as someone who is teaching himself web development for fun, I'm very impressed by, and probably a little bit jealous of, this project. The detail and care I've seen in the game through screenshots and videos is amazing. Keep up the good work!

Approved, welcome!

I'm not exactly sure if there is some sort of format you'd like to see in requests, but I'd like to become a beta tester if possible. c:

Hello there! I'd also love to become a beta tester, if that's alright. c:

Invited both! You can access the game now :D

Thank you!

Yeah, thanks!! c:

Bumping this thread to the top!

Can I also become a beta tester? D: if that's ok of course


I'd like to become a beta tester, yeseree! I'll make sure to report any bugs that I find!
Also, this may have to come at a later date, but I'd also be interested in doing some smaller contributions to the game, I have some spriting experience, a small understanding of how the coding works, and I'm also bubbling with ideas and stuffs! So, If there's some way I could contribute, let me know!

(P.S.), Can I change my profile picture somehow or is that only for important people :P?

Online: banannabandanasauce6

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