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Becoming Part of the Pokengine Community

We're noticing a continuing interest in Pokengine by a large number of people, but it is often hard to distinguish those who seriously are dedicated to contributing to something that at this point is still growing and in an incomplete state, from those who "Just Want to Play the Game Already!!!" As a result, we've decided we'd create a Discord server to house those who are interested in the Pokengine project, which they can join and have discussions with each other as well as some of the members of the Pokengine team.

In a sense, we will use this platform as a waiting list, where we can attempt to cut down the number of people that don't wish to offer anything to the game, and consolidate a group of newbies who are really dedicated to making Pokengine better for everyone.

Those who hang around and are active members in this Discord and this community will be forwarded on to Jext to decide whether they can have access to the Beta version of the game.

The Discord Link is

Don't come into this and immediately start begging for access. Patience and good-willed behaivour to all members of the community will be recognised, and result in a promotion to the Beta for those who deserve it.

Thanks for your patience again everyone.
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can i be a beta tester?

open the floodgates, boys

How many pokemon must I favorite before I become a legend?

can i join please
i'll be ur best frend

Pls lemme join
I can make some great pkmn

no azrias allowed

Did this just get deleted?

Allow me to explain what's happened

Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone for their patience with me.

The problem I was having is that I was getting two drastically conflicting opinions on how this server should be run. The first was stating that we should have only a few channels, whilst the other stated we should have many channels and people can mute the ones they don't like. I attempted to find a compromise, and I accidentally tore down the server, so now, I'm going to have to leave some people unhappy either way.

As much as I tried I can't please everyone so I've decided to go with what the second collective of people wanted, as I feel it is the most fair.

I'm sorry I've struggled and failed numerous times to please everyone, and have as a result partially damaged this server, but I'd like to have everyone try to forgive me so we can move on to make this server the best it can be.

TL;DR - I've made a mistake, but we're back with a new system. When joining you become part of all servers, and you can just mute the ones you're disinterested in.

The old link still works:
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is there a guide for newcomers that have beta access?

DNAnthony just ask us for some help on the Discord server. We're always eager to welcome new players!

Definitely going to join the Discord. I am looking forward to getting to know everyone who is working on this.

Can i be a Beta tester?
I was allready a Betatester 4 PRO and i found alot of bugs while it was unreleased.
I ve go also programing skills like Java,C#,php,JS,..
If you need onemore helping hand ;)

can i play please for be an beta tester ?

From what I understand, your best chance at joining the beta would be to join their discord server and to mingle with everyone there. Asking for beta will not get you it at all.

can i be a beta tester i really love your creation i need to help test it please can you send me a invite to it i will really appreciate it if you do so

To everyone both in this thread and creating their own threads, please join the Discord.
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can i please join the beta?

Hello, i play pokemon since the age of 12, a played every one of them
i tested a lot betas
and i will be happy the help you here also.

can i get acces pls i would love it thx if i get acces

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