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Cool abilities found in a Psypokes thread; they might inspire you:

Pillow Body: may induce Sleep on contact.
Barbed Skin: opponent cannot use partially-trapping moves such as Bind, Wrap, Pinch...
Rust: Pokémon becomes paralyzed under rain.
Swordmaster: powers up blade and cutting moves such as Cut, Leaf Blade, Psycho Cut, Night Slash...
Vengeful Spirit: the oppoent that knocks this Pokémon out takes 1/8 of its max HP every turn until it faints or switches out.
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Love Vengeful Spirit

Hands Up! Love that op opening

I have an ability idea similar with swordmaster ages ago but I feel like categorizing "Cutting moves" is such a pain considering how many the cutting/sword/claw moves are lel.

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I don't think it'd be too hard considering we'd only need to add a new flag for them... which kinda makes me wonder that happened to the draining flag we had

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Oh lol, I didn't even realized that draining flag is gone...

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Yeah when DM is back I'll ask him if it's a problem or if he found out a better way to code them for Power Leech, Liquid Ooze and Big Root.

Anyhow, I tought of another ability, but since I don't think it fits any of my fakemon I don't plan on adding it myself:
Sunscreen: Under harsh sunlight, boosts resistance to Fire-type moves and prevents the Pokémon from being burned.

I guess it'd be used for mammal fakes that would be found in beach areas

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