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Apparently the next gen will have something do with "flowers". Sinnnoh remake anyone? :3c
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Or Floette... :P

I'd rather have Sinnoh remake then "Z" honestly...

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Sinnoh still feels too new to me (this game is in the same style even). I want them to make some more significant changes to Pokemon before they remake Sinnoh. Imagine if they left the map grid system entirely? Imagine Mt. Coronet!

A Sinnoh remake should be on the NX if it's coming this soon... D/P/Pt were definitely some of the best games in the series.

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Where did you get this flower info? I'm curious because I haven't seen anything about that on serebii

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mount cornet music was dope 10/10 i like it the best it gives you the sense you matter and something big is going to happen lol im taking this to seriously

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Combining Sinnoh's soundtrack with the remastered GS soundtrack gives Gen IV the best music of any other gen hands down

You know what they say 'bout the crazy ones...

Uh I forget where I saw it tbh, I think it was during some interview. lol sorry that's all I remember!

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It's from an interview with Masuda(?), during the Pokemon Go reveal iirc. I don't know much about the details though.

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gen 5 music was kinda dull nothin stood out to me

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gen 2 and 4 are my faves so I'd be really happy with a remake maaannn

edit: I just now realized I accidentally said 5 and ew :/
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gen 4 was boss

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I loved Sinnoh. I can still remember sitting in my bed with my Nintendo sectretly playing all the night...
And if you didn't like the music in the hall of fame I don't know what to say...

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ikr than your an evil demon alien killer
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I hope it's not Sinnoh - the only thing I liked about it was it made Tangela useful xD

This is a Sinnoh appreciation board now bye lmao

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i would KILL for a sinnoh remake. sinnoh music is my soul

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