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I would like to play

Me gustaría participar en la beta.

can I have an invite to the battle factory.

Invited all!

This seems interesting!

Can I try it??

Put on them shadez :3


I would really want to try it, it seems really fun. :)

May I please have an invite? I want to play this so badly :{

Finally it's happening, I'd love an access! <3

May I have access please? :)

Invited all!

Could I please join?


Thank you!

can i join?

Can I join too?

hey... maybe my last comment didn't work again, can I join the game? ;)

I would like to be invited to beta test.

Can I have access? It seems interesting!

I dont know how i get to find this web page but luckily I found it and I love it and I also would love to have access to the game

Online: Coonae

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