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when the four horses come death conquest war and famine

pingas nuff said

i cant log into the game

pingas nuff said



(ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง I fight for my friends.

It seems like there is a lot to look forward to

The hands of time will guide you

totalllllllllllllllllllllllllly like it

Gave everyone in this thread access!

About time! Lurking no more!

OK, I remembered my username, lol disregard last comment

I wish to play battle factory.

So, this has been released? That's pretty neat!

I would like to go and get a try at Battle Factory, but I haven't really got invited as yet, hopefully it's not too late.
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Hey, carbon. I'm sure you'll be invited soon!

FRIEND CODE: 0962-9888-9062

I gave your account access! Go ahead and check it out.


Haven't been here since the Battle Factory first went up. How is it going? And do we have more people participating now?

You know what they say 'bout the crazy ones...

Still not at high enough activity levels to sustain constant battles, so it's still usually just 2/3 people doing a few matches. :P But a bunch of new members have joined so maybe this weekend we can have a big battle fest!

I'd like to be given access as well please! ;w;

There you go!

that would be a good idea and monday + tuesday i have a it off

pingas nuff said

Can i have beta acess?

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