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Battle Factory is ready for players! If you are interested in playing, read this thread and comment here and we will give you beta access!

If you are given access to play Battle Factory, please do not ask about getting starters or playing through regions. Those are not ready yet.

So anyway, the Battle Factory will be a super fun mode and will depend on lots of people playing. I hope you all play!


Battle Factory Rules
The mode will play similarly to in-game Battle Factory (a Battle Frontier mode) using rental Pokemon, but instead of using NPCs, it is adapted to be PvP.

- You start by selecting 3 Pokemon from a pool of 6 randomized Pokemon.
- You join a queue, which will randomly match you with other queued players.
- Battles are singles format, with 3 Pokemon on each team and no team preview.
- If you win, you have the option to swap one of your Pokemon with one of the loser's Pokemon.
- If you lose 3 times in a row, you are presented with a random new Pokemon and given the option to swap it onto your team.

Eligible Pokemon, Moves, and Abilities

- Only fully evolved Pokemon are included.
- Legendaries are excluded.
- In total, there are currently about 480 Pokemon, 150 of which are Fakemon.
- There are about 350 moves the Pokemon can know.
- There are currently 31 abilities Pokemon can have. For clarity, I'll keep a list of abilities in the next post.

How to begin playing Battle Factory

The Battle Factory is currently inside the Atlas Trainer Centre (used to be the hospital) shown here.

Go into the building and talk to the lady at the red desk inside the battle room.

When you register for the first time, you'll be given 6 Pokemon to choose from. Click them in the order that you want them to be in your party, then click the Register button. Every future time you register, you will simply pick up the team you had last time.

When you register, you will automatically be placed in queue. When in queue, you will be matched with a battle every 150 seconds. If you don't want to battle anymore, talk to the lady at the desk again and choose "Unregister".

When the battle starts, you will immediately see all of your move options. Press C on a selected move to see PP, power, and other details.

Your Pokemon are shown in the party widget to the right of the battle screen. You switch by clicking on the Pokemon icons during the battle phase.

I'll be updating this with more information when I get the chance.

Good luck out there! Feel free to post any comments or questions you have in here.
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Abilities that work right now
Big Pecks
Dry Skin *
Hyper Cutter
Iron Fist
Keen Eye

Possibly added?
Equilibrium *
Flash Fire *
Heatproof *
Holy Guard *
Ignition *
Lightningrod *
Mega Launcher
Motor Drive *
Overcoat *
Pinwheel *
Power Leech
Sap Sipper *
Storm Drain *
Strong Jaw
Thick Fat *
Updraft *
Volt Absorb *
Water Absorb *

* only partially works

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finally no more struggle

pingas nuff said

the struggle is over!!!!

This game always tries to drag me back in just when school's starting again. I probably won't have time to play very much but it's great to see progress is being made!

(i'm also rubbish when battling against real people)

Follow the progress (or lack thereof) of my region by clicking here

might wanna suggest that though you get offered 6 pokemon you can only pick 3.
Also you said the beta wont include regions, but how are you gonna stop people from wandering around atlas or using the warps?

In answer to Kyle's question, couldn't you just create a duplicate interior map which only allows access to the inside of the trainer center?

The "pick 3 of 6" thing is the first rule. :P And we can't stop people from exploring, but I want them to know that they can't get starters or do wild battles yet, and story elements (quests, etc) will be missing from the maps they visit. I just don't want anyone signing up and thinking they can go fight gyms.

Will we be able to change our battle factory selections in the future?

You know what they say 'bout the crazy ones...

RainingBrand, you will once more before the Battle Factory actually begins for real, but when it's commenced, you won't be able to from that point.

Ah cool ^_^ I guess I can get to know my pokemon while I'm waiting lol

You know what they say 'bout the crazy ones...

Thought you could use this to promote the Battle Factory and eventually other plans :)

Hi! I have been following this for 3 years now without actually signing up lol.... Wanted to say Hi ! and was wondering how we get access to this beautiful feature? :P

Also what you all are doing is amazing :') such a fan of this project

As soon as it's ready, we can invite you! There's still a few features that aren't quite completed, so I don't want to send the invites yet (I want your first impression to be good!)

We send invites through your profile, but I don't think you actually get a notification. When I update this thread to announce that it's open, I'll invite you at the same time. So basically when you see this thread saying you can play (with beta invite) then you'll already have been given access.

And thanks Zesty! I'm not sure where we would use that logo for now, but maybe Red could put it on the poster he's making?
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Not a problem :) Feel free to use it on posters.

nntndo mde pkmn stpd


You know what they say 'bout the crazy ones...

Any updates? :)

when will this be available

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