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yasss.i traded in all my old pokemon games, which was heartgold, soulsilver,guardian signs, shadows of almia, and white version, including two other ds games, in order to order alpha sapphire for myself.well, i bought a power up rewards pro membership while i was there, and i had BARELY enough to buy the pro membership and alpha sapphire. so, i just wanted to say that. i couldnt part with platinum version though. it has too many memories in it.

Time to scream!

Nice! :D

Honestly, I would never give up my old pokemon games. Any of them no matter what the reason.
Unless it was like a really serious situation.

at least 50% man

i had already passed them multiple times, so i didnt really have any use for them, and i was broke.

Time to scream!

wow thats really cool :D


i have returned, i was busy with an important school project.two actually:/

Time to scream!

ah, that sucks. i've been getting a few projects to do this week too!

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