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The "Discuss XY's pokemon 3D models" thread is here!

I'll start with the ones that I find really good/surprising, but I made the thread to expecially complain about a minority of them. Most of XY's models are marvelous in my opinion. Anyways, here it is:

Surprisingly good ones
-Spinda: Aw yiss this guy finally got the in-game appearance it has always deserved. Love the idle animation for this drunk panda
-All Unown forms: I never really cared for unown and didn't really expect anything from it in gen 6, but the different animations for each letter really is awesome
-Granbull: THIS GUY. Granbull is one of my favourite pokémon and the only sprite I ever liked for the dog is its silver sprite. They finally made it the correct color and it looks AMAZING
-The Porygon line: The animations for this line are all epic. Porygon-Z has the best idle animation from the trio
-Dusknoir: I haven't even seen this guy until a few minutes ago, but it looks soooo great, love the way it moves its arms

Worst models
-Sudowoodo: There is definately something wrong with sodowoodo, idk even what it is but it is probably the weird way it stays still during the battle
-Hippowdon: I REALLY like hippowdon, but it simply doesn't look that cool with its mouth closed. And no sand either... It really disappoints me :/
-Anorith / Paras: I actually really like their models, but the way they did their eye's highlight make them pretty weird when you see them in certain angles
-Kalos starters's final evolutions: Idk, but I'm not a big fan of their models... expecially delphox. If they made them more similar to their sugimori arts, I'd be a lot happier
-Quilladin: ITS FACE OH GOD it looks hideous
-Hawlucha: Another Kalos mon that I really like, but that has a bad model IMO, its official art depicts a bigger head and you can't see its eyes properly in the game :/
-Karrablast / Pignite: Ok these two bother me. A LOT. I hate how they don't seem round enough. It might be a personal nitpick but I don't thing they should look like that
-Haxorus: Its legs are so awkward. Seriously. They might have wanted it to look like that in gen 5 but they also might have not done it like that in its sprite because of size limitations, but I think it looks way better with shorter legs.
-Taurus: Its model is really well-rendered, but its animation is so weird... I don't really get what it is doing with its head to be honest...

That's it! Feel free to comment with your favourite and/or least favourite models in XY!
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Ones I like:
-Spoink: I love it bouncing around. So cute. :3
-Silcoon: Just... just look at it. So great.
-Spiritomb: Love the gas animation!
-Omastar: Put yo hands in the air.... and wave em like u just dont care!

dont wanna do hate ugh

I really like Marill's.

of course

did you guys see how funny raticates animation looks?

Time to scream!

archeops... :I

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