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So... Serebii's preliminary data says that shiny rate is roughly doubled.

"As of Pokémon X & Y, it is a 1 in 4,096 chance of finding a shiny Pokémon."

Serebii page:

Oh wow doubled. I guess that makes sense. And then safari is doubled again?

Let's make it 16,384.

Don't be silly. 1 in 65,536 will make everyone happy.

Well, Serebii is wrong, shiny rate is 1/1000 on Pokémon X & Y.
And I know it for sure because I have 32 shinies legit there.

It's almost certainly going to be a power of 2...

Shiny rate's not going to have increased in XY and DM is right.

Shiny rate has increased dramatically in XY, as I said I have 32 shinies there, and on the Safari I find a shiny in like 200-300 encounters.
Just check out Google, the shiny rate on XY is really 1/1000.

"Check it out on Google"? What source are you using? How can anyone tell without reading the actual game hex which, as far as I know, no-one (possibly one person) has actually managed to do yet. I think the shiny rate may have increased, but not by that much.
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The shiny rate is higher in friend safari, but I don't think we know the exact rate yet. Anyway we don't have a friend safari so that doesn't matter.

Group projects can estimate shiny rate pretty well as long as they collect enough data. I don't know how Serebii got his 1/4096 number, but he seemed confident enough in it to put it up.

I got thwo shinies from eggs without Masuda, the first one after 714 eggs and the second one after like 50 eggs.
In groups, I found three shinies in about 700-800 RE.
The others all come from chain fishing or Friends Safari.
Everyone says shinies are 1/1000, I don't know where did this number come from. Maybe it's not the exact number but it's something like that.
By the way I suggest to put the old shiny rate, it's too easy to get shinies nowadays.

"Everyone says" isn't very reliable though. I've hatched 900 eggs, some of which were Masuda, and never hatched a shiny. That doesn't mean the shiny chance is 0%. The shiny rate in this game is 1/4096.

Ok, forget it, it is useless to keep replying, some people say the rate is 1/4096 and the other say it's 1/1000.
Anyway no one could have got the exactly number, because the can't see trought the game data.

So, I think 1/8192 was the best shiny rate, 1/4096 is okay, but 1/1000 is too easy, I suggest to keep the old shiny rate, because this game is an MMO, and people usually spend lot of hours on MMO, 1/4096 is still so easy to get, don't you think so?
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But I've provided a link source for the rate I say, while you haven't...

I would rather have a rate equal to or slightly higher than the official games. Especially since we won't have friend safari or Masuda method.

I started to search on Google once again.

Here are my conclusions:

On the beginning, rumors said that the shiny rate on Pokémon X & Y was 1/1000, then they now say that the real shiny rate is 1/4096.

Some others now say that the 1/1000 rate it's true via Masuda Method, other people say that the 1/1000 rate does not exist and that the shiny rate via Masuda is really halfed so 1/819 or 1/683 from 1/1366.

Some other people say that the 1/1000 rate it's true via Friends Safari, other people say that it's 1/2000 on friend safari, others say it's halfed again from 1/4096 so it's really 1/2048.

I am really pissed right now, so let's put it 1/4096 or 1/8192 and let's wait for the real shiny rate. :/

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What you can be nearly sure of is the fact it's going to be a power of 2, that's just how programming works.

It doesn't have to be, it's just likely to be. And that's just for the base chance — the Masuda method has typically not used powers of two.

ok i have a SuGgEsStIoN. how about we make the shiny rate....1/7777. i liek sevens.

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Time to scream!

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