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Hello all!

For those of you with a copy of X or Y, I've decided to breed 16 Shuppets for the lovely day of Halloween. These aren't your ordinary Shuppets, though. They come with FOUR egg moves: Phantom Force, Disable, Gunk Shot and Destiny Bond!

They are come with an Adamant nature, but their abilities do vary between each, so some may get lucky with a Hidden Ability~

So for those of you who want one, drop a post here to receive your gift and Happy Halloween! :)

Last edited on 31st October 2013 at 14:16 by Wylde

One coooold peep~

Can I have the first?

:O I would love one!

Superwholock would be the perfect world.

Can you MM a shiny one? :D

I would love to get one <3

I wouldn't mind DM's shiny Shuppet.
Besides that I wouldn't mind having one :D

I've been having zero luck with Masuda Methoding. It would take too long, honestly. :/

One coooold peep~

Guys, you're getting awesome free Pokemon and that's not enough for you?!

I'd love a Frisk one! :3 I'll give you some good breeding material in return!

Sounds good to me!

One coooold peep~

I can't trade yet though.. Maybe tonight? I'll let you know

I'd love one! ^^

Will do!

One coooold peep~

Online: Coonae

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