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when will this game be open to play? it says ur not a beta tester! :(

Who wants a Regirock or Registeel, I have one spare of each and dunno what to do with them. Not HA sadly

Everyone post your ORAS secret base QR codes here!

My current base (last updated Jan 10th)

Pokéngine LTS
(Local Trade System. Get it? Like Global Trade System? ... Ah, forget it!)

Any Pokémon you're looking for? Anything you're willing to offer?
Comment here and I'll add it here to the first post.



Jext -
Icy Snow patterned Vivillon

Modest synchronize Abra - I'd like something in return, preferably another synchronizer with a natu...

managed to snag myself two diancies and a genger spirit link card from uh, if someone wont be able to get a diancie from gamestop, id be willing to give my other diancie code to

yasss.i traded in all my old pokemon games, which was heartgold, soulsilver,guardian signs, shadows of almia, and white version, including two other ds games, in order to order alpha sapphire for myself.well, i bought a power up rewards pro membership while i was there, and i had BARELY enough to buy the pro membership and alpha sapphire. so, i just wanted to say that. i couldnt part with platinum...

Hey guys. Just letting you know that I came a few Skrelps with their Hidden Ability (Adaptability) floating around. As you know, Skrelp can't get it's Hidden Ability yet, but are tradeable as of this point, so they may be in ORAS. I want to wait an see if they are in the game, but if they are, I'm proposing doing a Skrelp giveaway for you guys! :)

So... Serebii's preliminary data says that shiny rate is roughly doubled.

"As of Pokémon X & Y, it is a 1 in 4,096 chance of finding a shiny Pokémon."

Serebii page:

Should change this to ORAS

so this is totes a new hip place to exchange friend safaris. I promise.(ºw°)

The "Discuss XY's pokemon 3D models" thread is here!

I'll start with the ones that I find really good/surprising, but I made the thread to expecially complain about a minority of them. Most of XY's models are marvelous in my opinion. Anyways, here it is:

Surprisingly good ones
-Spinda: Aw yiss this guy finally got the in-game appearance it has always deserved. Love the idle animation for this dr...

If you need something, I have it! 0.<
Especially Event Pokémons and Limited Edition SeJunPark's Pachirisu Replica.
Trades for Friends
MARKO 0216-1792-9593

Just a reminder! Pokémon X and Y Update 1.1 now available in the Nintendo eShop! :D

So how does every one like x and y i love it!

Mega Evolution Pokemon cries.

^Diancie officially leaked for upcoming X and Y movie!

Just a reminder! Pokemon X and Y Update 1.2 is now available in the Nintendo eShop! :D
It fixes the issue of cheating in Rating Battles, which also means Rating Battles are back!

I need to evolve my Syther... Does anybody want to help out?


Hello all!

For those of you with a copy of X or Y, I've decided to breed 16 Shuppets for the lovely day of Halloween. These aren't your ordinary Shuppets, though. They come with FOUR egg moves: Phantom Force, Disable, Gunk Shot and Destiny Bond!

They are come with an Adamant nature, but their abilities do vary between each, so some may ...

Spoilers! I'll just supply links so only look if you're interested. Supposedly a hacker has been able to find the three legendaries that were registered on the GTS.
Also supposedly he found new Mega Evolutions.
These are uncon...

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