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I can beta test this game?

I can beta test this game?

I wanna play, when it aproximated the date, or well can i be a beta tester? :)

HOW can I become a beta tester and where can I read more about this project?

for new people:
automatically logs you into the game. (as long as you are a betatester)

Can I become a beta tester?

Is their any possible way I could beta test the game?

Hey, Jextinator.

I feel a bit daft, truly, and you might have ran out of patience for me, for which I don't blame you, but incase you were wondering, my odd user name is a result of trying (and failing) to cram 'dementisforgothispasswordagain'. I'd understand if you won't give me beta testing goodness again, but I'd appreciate it like THIS* much if you took pity on my poor soul.

* like this big...

May I become a beta tester?

i'm friends with munchorange

can i please be a beta tester


...So who do you talk to to become a beta tester? ^^|

Everything is dark!

This cave sure is dark...

Thank Arceus for headlights.

Online: zlockbag1869

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