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Can you please reset the password on my account: Ada? (this ones a temp account/password retrieval account) I went to log in and I apparently mistyped the password originally when I registered ^^; mistake on my part and sorry to trouble you

I forgot my password can you change it?

So I'm always on the Internet trying to find cool ideas about Pokémon... Today I stumbled upon this thing by a guy called Rob234111

"I'd love for them to let you have some kind of 'careers' post game of during the main game... Like you can aspire to be a Pokemon Breeder or a Pokemon Photographer or something and there would be minigames (...) Poke Breeder could be cool, you could breed pokemon t...


I just recently joined this place, and it looked very promising. But there's one thing, I just noticed that this place is very dead as if it was abandoned.

or maybe it's the website layout, which is very confusing and clumsy to navigate. Even for someone who regularly browses fourms.

Cool abilities found in a Psypokes thread; they might inspire you:

Pillow Body: may induce Sleep on contact.
Barbed Skin: opponent cannot use partially-trapping moves such as Bind, Wrap, Pinch...
Rust: Pokémon becomes paralyzed under rain.
Swordmaster: powers up blade and cutting moves such as Cut, Leaf Blade, Psycho Cut, Night Slash...
Vengeful Spirit: ...

Apparently the next gen will have something do with "flowers". Sinnnoh remake anyone? :3c

Just to let you know, and this is a good thing rather than bad. It works on photon as well as chrome. Photon also lets you play on an ipad, by mimicking flash. Gives you a game keyboard thing

Glad to see things are coming along. I check in whenever I remember to and I'm really happy to see genuine progress happening.

Question about the Copyright policy?

Hello there! I'm first on these site and trying to learn the site ASAP. However there are too many doubtful points are exist so I made this thread for solve some of them.

So, I see they do not claim to have created any original content created by Nintendo/Gamefreak™ and All Pokémon content on this website are the property of The Pokémon Comp...

I now have a fakemon starter with stats and everything. Excuse my poor drawing skills though. Any opinions on how bad it is or not. And sorry if I wasn't supposed to use those moves, if not I'll change something or other. Though it'll likely take years before I think I could have a region and even then I'd need a lot of help. Please someone look at this by the way.

Is this where I can just say hello to everyone. Hii. I have a deviantart and have created the sole number of one fakemon lol. I'm lightninglana on dA. Anyone wanna say hello and tell me how good this mmo is once its back up?

Aah, is it fine if I posted in discussions?

Do I have to request a region right now, too? Making maps in the DPPT art style is time-consuming.
Edit: Oh well.

Hi guys. I have been watching this project since 2013 and I really want it to succeed.
How can I help this happen? I don't want to lose hope.

"unfezant can rub his wattles on me"
"I only like lizard man"
~POKELOVE, Fuzzy, in Chat Log of the Pokémon Species, 11/03/2014

Man, I registered here over a year ago now. That's some crazy stuff. Figured out how to put up a profile picture and I can look at muh cutey Baneep again. Life is good.

So it has been quite the long time since I registered. I think it's about time I get working on things. I don't even have my profile picture drawn up yet. Any ideas?

Is there any possible way to change my username? I had been going through a phase when I registered a year ago, and I'd rather be over it all together. I noticed that there aren't many user settings, so is there a way to close my account or change my name?

Hey, I'm new to Pokengine. Some of you may know me fom deviantart already. I'm Kirakinn there, as well. I'm an aspiring Fakemon creator with a dex well underway.
Anyone wanna chat?

Online: zlockbag1869

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