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Discussion topic: how many of you would be interested in a sixth generation Pokengine version?
These old-style 2D graphics are too outdated in my opinion, why not something like ?

OMG I'm finally back! What'd did I miss haven't been on since last Christmas >.<

Could I possibly become a Beta Tester?

Can I be a beta tester

Is the game still in progress?

So I've heard about this from a few users on here, it seems like a great idea to have an MMO Pokémon game to play with friends around the globe.

I need help I'm literally stuck in hell because of a glitch I think.


Hi Hi, friend told me about this cool game won't mind beta testing it ;P Please and thank you ~

Im getting somewhat similar vibes between popplio and finjoy :)

Hello everyone! I've been a huge fan of Pokemon since it came out (I was about... 5, I think?) and am trying to get more into the fan-made games, as I think it's wonderful that they exist at all. People all over the world love Pokemon and oddly enough it can break the ice in most conversations, once you've established that the other person is a fellow geek. Despite loving Pokemon I find it hilario...

With Pokémon Sun and Moon right around the corner, I'd like to point out three changes I'd make if I were to work on these new games:

> Fairy-type pokémon no longer resist bug-type attacks
As far as I know, fairy is one of the best types in the games, currently (that might be from it being introduced as anti-metagame), and bug is already resisted by way too many types... I think the only...

New Generation of Pokémon announced this morning on Pokemon Direct: Pokémon Moon and Pokémon Sun. Any thoughts/opinions on the names and what you believe the region will be like? :3

I please be a beta tester, thank you

Can i be a beta tester?please and
Thank u

Can I Be A Beta Tester?

Can you please reset the password on my account: Ada? (this ones a temp account/password retrieval account) I went to log in and I apparently mistyped the password originally when I registered ^^; mistake on my part and sorry to trouble you

I forgot my password can you change it?

So I'm always on the Internet trying to find cool ideas about Pokémon... Today I stumbled upon this thing by a guy called Rob234111

"I'd love for them to let you have some kind of 'careers' post game of during the main game... Like you can aspire to be a Pokemon Breeder or a Pokemon Photographer or something and there would be minigames (...) Poke Breeder could be cool, you could breed pokemon t...


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