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two left

im just trying to knock dora lady off the boards cuz it wont let me edit for whatever reason? sorry about the psots

when i catch this squirtle im going to nickname it "Rare" lol

the squirtle hunt is going awful. day 3 and still no squirlte. but geo caught two in front of me? that bastard

I need to find this squirtle

I'm going to blow my brains out

how do i get an invite?

help jext its not letting me come back on

is there some thing wrong with the server

10 days till summer vacation. ;3;

How have I never met Marleyfly? ;3;

titty sprinkles.

where's the phorums

oh my gawd

Is the edit profile going to come back? o:

Sweet :3

Online: Coonae

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