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Cubia, i've created a fakemon. But i'm waiting for Kyle

please program potions *-*

Can I be a beta tester? If I can't that's OK...

i want to be a beta tester please im a big pokemon fan and this game looks awesome!

how can i play it?

aaaaaaaaaaaaaa help

The few pictures I've seen gives me really hate to find this game!

Could i help with beta testing too? I reallllyyyy like pokemon :)

Where are our pastebins?

I'm interested in being a beta tester, if I could.

Can I beta test the game? It looks awesome :D

nya rawr

ummm, do i have to be a beta tester to play????
I dont know anything about this site but it looks cool!!!

aaaaaaaaaaaand shes gone 8D

Is there any way I can become a beta tester?

I'd like to help out with the Beta testing please. c:

How can I become a beta tester?

aw man my beta testing privilege got taken off? :(

can i please be a beta tester

Online: Coonae

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