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I would really like beta access to this game. I was in the discord for a few weeks, but my computer broke soon after, and i just got a new one now.

can i have beta acces

Hi, I really want to be a beta tester if it's possible you guys make a really good work on this game I would love to playtesting it

Please,give me the beta.I need it!

Also don't write a sad story to play with the developers emotions.

Guys I know you are all excited for the game (God knows I am) but you can't enter beta right now. Just wait until the developers announce that they are accepting players.

This game is going to be a legend.

i would love to have the beta access for help you guys as a beta tester ;) thank you!

I'm interested in the beta test, want to try this! :3

Look forward to this release so I can get in and play this.

Hello! May I Please get the beta!

Can i get beta access please?

Can I get beta please?

can i get beta acess i love pokemon and this website look really cool

How are we invited for the Beta access?

Can I get beta access? The game looks amazing and tomorrow is my birthday. I would love to play this amazing looking game. Also, Hello.

Would I be able to get beta access?

Hi, can i have the beta access?

can i become a beta tester pls the game looks amazing and i love pokemon its probably one of my fav things to do :)

Can i please Beta test your game.

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