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je veux etre un beta testeur s il vous plais

i like to be a beta tester

si possible j aimerai devenir beta testeur

"love me"

Can I be a beta tester? :·3

Uff this game are awesome

I like to be betatester =P

50,000 Fennekin!

im back :D

Hey guys! Long time no see!

More than one sprite that I made for Pokengine has been not used/replaced by ones that imo aren't as good

wat up

i was gone and now im back

(to trolling)

wtf is that

I think we should distribute people's XY sprites being used here. What I mean by that is, have one or two sprites made by one person, one or two by another, etc. By the time the whole dex is being sprited, there would be more per person since not everyone is spriting. The main purpose of this is just to have a good assortment of styles, and it also makes it so that people don't feel left out. You ...

is their a heaven in the game?

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