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where's the chat log now that leads here?

Work is really boring! D:

I'd love an invite to beta test! Thanks in advance

Is their any possible way I could beta test the game?

I must be tester D

I just watched the pokemon episode when Ash realese his butterfree and I almost cry i cant bealive realy touched me....:'(

I swear, this place gets better and better each time I've viewed it. On a random note: I've been playing so many little horror games lately. Already I've done Yume Nikki, .Flow, Corpse Party, The Witches House, Re:Kinder, The Crooked Man, Misao, Mad Father, and so many more. I've got a passion for horror, I swears. Lately, though, I've noticed with horror games coming out that they are trying to m...

Okay, well these boards are for "random" so I figured I'd post something on here that's not all "blah blah blah can i join plz? *begbegbeg*" lol

I started playing Final Fantasy games again, and it actually is very inspiring for fakemon creations!

My question is....does anyone else play final fantasy? If so, have you ever gotten an idea for a cool fakemon from the games?

I'd love an invite to beta test!

I wanna be a beta tester please? thanks in advance

ice cream :(

Hey everyone, I'm alive.

Beta... tester?
(Oh, please! )

Cubia, i've created a fakemon. But i'm waiting for Kyle

please program potions *-*

Can I be a beta tester? If I can't that's OK...

i want to be a beta tester please im a big pokemon fan and this game looks awesome!

how can i play it?

aaaaaaaaaaaaaa help

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