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So to be a beta tester to we request to be one or does it just kinda happen eventually? Either way I would love to beta test this wonderful looking pokemon game.

how do i become a beta tester? this game looks awsome and id love to try it out

My password wasn't working for my Shinzart account when I tried to log in to the game :( So I started this new one since unfortunately there isn't a retrieve password setting. Can I please have another beta test invite or an email with my old accounts password. Sorry to be a bother.

May I be a beta tester? This game has alot of potential and I want to help :D

I would Beta test the crap outta this game :| Please?

Please game looks beautiful and my other account could be hurt if I would leave to become a beta tester

I can be a beta tester

I can be a beta tester

So, I'm not sure if I'm doing this right or not, but - do you simply ask to be a Beta Tester?
If so, would it be possible for me to become a Beta Tester? The game looks fantastic.

can I make a beta tester? c:?

Pls, Can i be a beta tester :D?

Can I make a beta tester? :u

Please make me a beta tester :D

how do i play :U

can some one change me avi to a picture of that tomato pokemon the first evolution

I can't pla the game.. Please make me a beta tester :( :( I wanna play the game :D

Hi there, I am jsut wondering if I could be a beta tester for the game as my and a friend starting to develop a game using rpg maker and so we are playing other games to get ideas for what we could do?

Hi. :) I was wondering if I could be a Beta tester, no sob story or anything, I just really like this game and would be honored to help check the bugs etc. ;3 Thanks.

You Guys Still Need Any Beta Tester ? I Really Wanna Join I Have Experience In Pokemon Games And Im Testing Pokemon Generations

Online: banannabandanasauce6

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