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Can i play?

Check out these new mockups and updated interface!


Are there EVs and IVs here? Is it possible to add the concept of EVs and IVs here, or is there another form of strengthening a Pokemon here other than levelling? :D

Hey guys...anything fun happening with you guys?

hey, people!
How I can play at the game?
I can`t Dx
How I can be a beta tester???

Welcome all. :D

Well, I'm kinda new So Hello!

How do you get to be a beta tester? I am just curious

I can not wait to play this!

Haven't posted on here in awhile...I'll start by saying Hi.

I can not wait to play this! At first I thought it was a virus because a lot of pokemon games are viruses...but I did research and this seems awesome!

Hello. can I be one of the beta testers ?

It seems good but i think i must wait to play :O !

Hey, new guy here. Uhm, how can I become a beta tester? Sorry if it was already asked a million times before.

newbie here :)

Is it possible for my Trainer sprite to be changed?

DEAR LORD!!! This is the funniest video I've EVER seen!!! x'D

So apparently Red and Green are going to be in in the new anime...but he looks like Fire not Red.

i a sory for actuoin !!

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