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Can i be a beta tester please? I would to try the game please? @RuffledRowlit

Can any admin or the owner of this website PM/DM my password that it is right now, because I misspelled it and I can't enter right now..

rilly, come here by watching ruffled stream and try to play, but only beta tester can play it come on game !!

I'd like to have beta access please

May I have beta access please?

May I have beta access please?

may i have beta please

Can I play? I really love to try this out

Could i have a Beta access

can i have beta access too pls?

May I have Beta Access Please? I came from Ruffled channel

Hey Guys

May I have Beta Access? Please?

May I have beta access please?

Hey everyone, vote in this poll!

I want to hear from all users, not just beta testers or staff. Even if you've never gotten the chance to play Pokengine yet: What kind of site do you want this to be? I'm just really curious, and the results of this poll might influence development!

may i have beta access please?

Hey, can I taste the Battle factory? I would like to try it! Thanks you!

May I have beta access?

11 years

Can i have beta access please?

Online: Majestic12Bot

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