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if i get beta i might play this forever

can i plz get beta access and how do i play if i get access plz help and thnx

This game is Suck!!

I love fan games. I am using rpg maker to make a game, so I know what to look for. Can I be a beta tester plz.

I think I posted this on the wrong page, so I'll comment it here, can I be a beta tester? I think I would do a good job at it

Could i test this game pleas?

hello there developers I would like to try beta.

Heyo, can I be a beta tester?

Hey!! Can I be a beta tester? : )

im home 24/7 so... beta testing would be cool :)

I would love to be a part of this game development. Can you make me a beta tester.

plz can i get beta access?i want to play the game

i wanna get beta

Can I get beta access please? I really want to play the game :)

can i have a beta version of the game pls love the game plsplssss!!!!


Can I please get the beta access. the games look cool. Ive been looking for a good pokemon fan made game to play

hi, i really want to test the game if you guys give me a beta acces

can i get the beta please ?

I would like to be a beta tester. i have experience on the matter so i hope i get considered

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