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Sorry If this is the wrong place to ask but is it still possible to get Beta Access?
I would love to be part of it, thanks in advance!

I don't know if i commented on the wrong post or not, i saw it was old so i decided to just repost here. But anyways i was gonna ask if there were beta invites being given out still, because i would like to join please.

can i be a beta tester?

I'd like to have beta access,please.

I like to have beta access please!

I would like to have beta access please=p

My Pokedex, Odera, is having this glitch where the is a strand of words seperating the pokemon... is there a way to fix this??

Is it okay if I get beta access? thanks in advance.

hi can i get the beta please i heard good things bout this and i wanna try it out ;o;

Hey jext I have a question.

I would like to have beta access, please!

Looks interesting!!!

Ok so, I try to log in but it seems my password is being rejected. Is something wrong?

Can I be a beta tester, I'm GvsPvZ but I lost my login stuff. ;-;

Can i be a beta tester please??

beta tester

So uh, is this still being developed? I'm curious, the Atlas dex looks fantastic.

Can I be a beta tester? I'll be willing to give feedback and inform you of glitches.

can i be a beta tester? pls

Can I be a beta tester?

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