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I got here from ruffledrowlits channel, he wanted to do some sort of RP ... and im a cop.. and dammgood at my job

may i have beta accses

Asking to be a beta tester isn't how you become one. Asking or begging for it will make you less likely of ever becoming a beta tester. If you want a chance to become a beta tester join the discord and just talk and be yourself without asking for beta tester again. Only then will you be able to have a chance to become a tester.


beta access plss..

Hey, can i be a beta tester? not like any other of these scrubs, will play the game to find bugs etc.

I would really like to try out the beta game if possible. Thank you.

This looks great! cannot wait for it to be open to the public.

can i get beta access please? the game looks good

May I have a beta access please? Got a bit late at RuffledRowlit's stream, I hope I can still try the game.

I'd like to try the beta

Hello there, would love to try the Beta for this

i know that i am not really that trusted but can i have beta access so that i can try out this game i would really like it if you could thanks for working so hard on this game :p

Can i have beta access please?

can i have the beta access?? from ruffleds

may i have beta access? i just saw in ruffledrowlit channel and i want it :'D

I would love to play this game and be part of beta access. I really want to see the in-game. so, can you help me gain beta access, please?

could i get beta acces plz

Can i have beat access lol? xd


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