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may i please get access to beta

please let us play!!!!

hi this is a game i have wanted to play for a while now and it looks great from the screen shots so may i get beta access please and thank you

Can I get beta access please

Can I please get beta access

May I please get a beta I heard of this game from ruffledrowlet!!

when does this game be open to everyone?


can i test the game plz?

this is gonna be cool


i want to be a beta tester

Hi, i would like to have an access to the beta, i'm leaving my Discord here, i have played many pokemon MMo's style playing one. But i'm really curious about testing yours.Thanks


I would love to be a beta tester :)

Can I get accepted to the beta I love pokemon and it feels like there are no pokemon mmo games that are good and this game looks amazing

Guys its simple really, the way to get beta is to join the discord and not spam asking for beta. Begging will get you a ticket to never-a-beta-playerdom. Please don't clog these boards as in all honesty they are kinda ded anyway

Pls let me be beta I made my own region called Unios and I love fakemon so Please I will play this game everytime to help me not bored.

Pls can I get beta I made my own region called Unios and I love fakemon so please let me play this game.

I badly want to play this, please PLEASE want to become a beta tester :D

Oh, can I also get the beta? Honestly, I don't know how good the game is, and that's why I want to test it. Especially pleased with the screenshots~

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