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Battle Factory is ready for players! If you are interested in playing, read this thread and comment here and we will give you beta access!

If you are given access to play Battle Factory, please do not ask about getting starters or playing through regions. ...

A Direction for Pokéngine

At the moment, development for Pokéngine is focused on the content creators, and not the players. My view of Pokéngine (I'm not sure if this aligns with everyone's views, but I'd bet it's fairly close for the most part) is that there are two main features to it. One is the design tool, content-creation, side of things—letting anyone build up their own ...

Becoming Part of the Pokengine Community

We're noticing a continuing interest in Pokengine by a large number of people, but it is often hard to distinguish those who seriously are dedicated to contributing to something that at this point is still growing and in an incomplete state, from those who [...

but but how can we get to play?? sniff sniff

hello i was told to go here to ask for beta testing

hello world

the beta continues online?

is it open to play? DX

may i please get access to beta

please let us play!!!!

hi this is a game i have wanted to play for a while now and it looks great from the screen shots so may i get beta access please and thank you

Can I get beta access please

Can I please get beta access

May I please get a beta I heard of this game from ruffledrowlet!!

when does this game be open to everyone?


can i test the game plz?

this is gonna be cool


i want to be a beta tester

Online: Coonae

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